Rutland Sailability is managed by the Trustees, who meet monthly to discuss issues and policy of the club. Each Trustee has their own area of responsibility and present a report to the rest of the Trustees at the meeting. The Trustees canvas opinion on issues around the club members in order to form and maintain the club policies.


Here is a list of the current Trustees and their responsibilities:

  • Pauline Harrison - Chairman

  • TBC - Sailing Support Anything that doesn't float

  • TBC - Communications

  • Val Millward - Racing & Events

  • Andrew Painter - Treasurer

  • Linda Pattison - Special Needs

  • Jonathan Schofield - Chief Instructor

  • Andrew St John - Sailing.  Anything that floats

  • Jill Dunderdale - Membership Secretary



Fund Raising

Rutland Sailability is a registered charity and all our helpers are unpaid volunteers. We raise all our funds through modest member subscriptions and fund-raising in the wider community.


We depend on a large number of commercial and voluntary organisations as well as private donations to purchase new boats and equipment and to fund our annual operating costs, examples of which are maintenance, insurance, safety boat running costs (without which we cannot sail) and various essential fees.  All our funds go directly to the benefit of our members.


We are always grateful for donations, large or small, and thank all those who have given over the years.  Without such support our members would not have the facilities available to them today.


Rutland Sailability

Rutland Sailing Club

Gibbet Lane

Edith Weston

LE15 8HJ


07554 306679 During opening hours only

Opening Hours

Thursdays (all year): 10.00am - 3.00pm

Saturdays (April - October): 9.00 am - 12.00pm

Registered Charity No: 1069540 
Company Limited by Guarantee No: 3526980 

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