Our Boats

We have a number of different boats that are designed to meet the varying needs and abilities of our sailors. Whether it be sailing solo, as a pair or with a crew our boats have been selected to be stable in the water and as practical as possible to get in and out of.

Hansa Fleet

The Hansa fleet has 3 types of boat: the 2.3, the 303 and the Liberty. Depending on the boat they are either 1 or 2 person boats and can be fitted with electric s to help set the sail and /or steer.


They are a fantastic boats that can give novice sailors and experienced sailors a great experience whether you’re cruising or racing.


The Challenger is a well established competitive boat at national and international levels. This is the boat to sail if you prefer fast and exciting times afloat.


Electric control of the sail is available on one boat if required.

In addition to our challengers we have a Windrider 14 for those who prefer a multi sail multihull.

RS Venture

These are the most recent addition to our fleet. 

These are keel boats that have 2 configurations: fitted with 2 rigid seats for side by side sailing or, with seats removed, a six to eight seater tiller steered sailing dinghy.


The refurbishment was funded by Friends of Rutland Sailability—with our thanks.


We have 2 kinsman boats in our fleet.


The white Kinsman has been fitted with wheel steering and the black retains the traditional tiller steering.

Drascombe Longboat

Originally designed with training in mind, the Longboats are very popular with those who do not want, or are unable to actively participate in sailing a boat.

With plenty of space for a number of passengers, everyone is able to enjoy the sensation of sailing. .

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