Rutland Sailability

Can I Sail?

You can sail if you want to


Not everyone is going to want to sail, but it shouldn't be because of disability that you don't get on the water if that's your goal.


Sailability is just as it says, a means of enabling people to sail.  Age or disability is no bar. Recognising that some people will require a little more support than others to experience the freedom of the sail, here at Rutland Sailability we provide the people, knowledge and resources to help anyone who wants to, to learn to sail, sail solo, sail as a team, race, relax, enjoy.


Novices and seasoned sailors are equally welcome.  Whether you see yourself as an adrenaline junkie or a gentle potterer, we do all we can to make sure you can sail - if you want to


Learning to Sail


We work in partnership with Rutland Sailing School to provide RYA accredited training.

Our Senior/Instructors are on hand to teach you to RYA standards.  We are able to offer Certificates of Achievement; RYA Basic Skills; RYA Better Skills and some non-compulsory modules in Seamanship or Spinnaker sailing.  Later you may want to learn racing skills, or train to become an Assistant Instructor, Instructor, and eventually, Senior Instructor.  all possibilities.


Racing to Win


Most Thursdays from April to October members who enjoy a bit of light -hearted (?!) competition take part in racing here at Sailability.  Some of our members join in racing with the Rutland Sailing Club on Sundays.  Challengers and Hansa boats are currently used in competition with able-bodied sailors.   Further afield, a number of our members regularly take part in Hansa series racing around the country.  And each year RYA Sailability holds a Multi-class Regatta in July or August; a great opportunity to meet and compete against other sailors with disability from around the world.  And if you fancy racing abroad, well, Rutland Sailability members are encouraged to get involved there too.


During the winter months a short course takes place on Thursday afternoons to introduce potential racers to racing rules and to provide tips and guidance to anyone that wants to improve their techniques.

Sailing for Fun
Just want to be taken on the water in a sailing boat?

You don't have to learn to sail to Sail for Fun!  We have dedicated helpers who love to take people out for a sail in fully crewed boats. 


Want to sailing alone but can't yet sail?

No problem!  Our instructors will teach you how to sail and only when you're ready for a solo sail, will they let you loose on your own.  


Experienced, competent sailor who wants to sail alone?

We understand your need!  We hope new members will understand our need:

to ensure that experience = competence, 

because competence = safe sailing 


Competent sailor with a disability making it difficult to do some sailing tasks aboard?

We'll team you up with a 'buddy'

Kids at Rutland Sailability


We firmly believe in encouraging young people to get onto the water as soon as possible. As such we hold specialist Saturday sessions in the warmer months to give kids a chance to experience the thrills of sailing in a safe as possible environment.


Our volunteers are extremely experienced in getting kids aged 7 or older onto the water, whatever their disability and are often extremely proud of the achievements made by our younger members.