Rutland Sailability

Our Fleet

About Our Fleet

Hansa boats are designed specifically to meet the needs of sailors with disability.  With their heavily weighted keels and inbuilt buoyancy they are very stable boats.


Challenger and Windrider multi-hull boats are stable boats that are relatively lighter and faster than keel boats.


Rutland Sailability also own a number of slightly larger sail boats that can seat more people.  Like all our boats, they are designed to be especially stable in the water.


Using Our Boats

Most of our members are happy to sail boats that are part of the Rutland Sailability Fleet.


Members who own their own boats are required to become members of Rutland Sailing Club - a reduction in membership applies if you are already a sailing member of Sailability.


We ask experienced sailors to take a familiarisation sail in the boat they wish to sail, with an instructor alongside.